In case anyone was wondering where I’ve been

It’s been a difficult few months.

Tomorrow I fly out to Boston to present a personal project at the Games For Health conference. I have something major in the works and have neglected to mention it so far, but I’ll post about it in the coming weeks or months, once I’m more at liberty to discuss it. I’ve been working on this game for months now, and it’s one of the most intricate projects I’ve ever done.

I got a second job last month. This has also been cutting down on my free time considerably, which is another reason why I haven’t been updating. I’m now working an additional front end development job using jQuery Mobile and Appcelerator, and also involved in some exciting projects.

Possibly due to the above, I have been having some health issues these last few months. Since I am at the keyboard every moment of my life now, my blood pressure has shot through the roof, and I’m experiencing numbness, chest pains, and dizziness. Yes, I went to the ER. Yes, I went to a doctor. My blood pressure issues are likely caused by poor diet and exercise, and my doctor seems to be convinced the numbness in my arms and hands is due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

In response to all this, I may be making some changes in my life, but I haven’t decided what yet. In the meantime, I’m hanging in there, just not as responsive as usual.

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