The Icosahedral Fortune Telling Apparatus

Another day, another app. This week, it’s my Magic 8 Ball clone, The Icosahedral Fortune Telling Apparatus. This app actually has a long, complicated history. It was orignally called “Magic 4 Ball” but that didn’t please Apple and Mattel. After 3 name changes, it became this ridiculously long, generic name (abbreviated as TIFTA) to eliminate the possibility of trademark infringement. Moreover, the 4 ball shape was eliminated from the list, and it finally passed review. And it’s a good thing it did, because the next name was going to be abbreviated “FMATTEL”.

So there you have it, after over a year of trying to get this small, lame app through the App Store, it’s finally here. Not really worth the wait, but oh well. Sometimes more important things get in the way of progress. This was the first game app I ever wrote, so go easy on me.


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